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Fasting Guide - The Fourth Pillar of Islam

Muslim Directory“O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the pious).” [Al-Qurãn 2:183]

Fasting is the third pillar of Islam. Fasting is a way of purifying and conditioning yourself spiritually and reminds you of people that are less fortunate. It is to abstain from all things that invalidate the Fast from just before the Fajr prayer until just after sunset (Maghrib prayer) during the month of Ramadaan.

Who should fast
Sawm is Wajib for every sane and adult Muslim who is capable and cleansed from Haidh and Nifaas.

When to begin with fasting
When the thirty days of Sha’baan month completes or the new moon of Ramadaan is sighted, the Sawm should be observed from the next day.

Factors that invalidate fast

  1. Eating, drinking or smoking.
  2. To reach something to the throat through mouth or nose
  3. To have sexual intercourse
  4. To masturbate
  5. To observe monthly period
  6. To discharge blood after birth
  7. To commit any sinful act
  8. To vomit intentionally

One who invalidates the Sawm by making sexual intercourse must make both Qadhaa and Kaffaraah of that Sawm.

People who are permitted not to keep fast

  1. A sick person who fears that fasting may cause serious harm.
  2. One who sets for a long journey
  3. A pregnant or breastfeeding woman who fears that fasting may cause serious harm to her own self or to the baby
  4. One who is too old to observe Sawm

Qadhaa of missed fast

One who is permitted not to keep Sawn should make only Qadhaa of the missed Sawm later. But pregnant and breastfeeding woman should make Qadhaa and give Fidyah for every Sawm equal to that of Zakaatul Fitr when they do not fast because of the fear of harm to their children. One who is too old to observe fast or too sick to get recovery then such a person should give Fidyah for every Sawm.

Sunnah of fast

  1. To make delay in partaking of Sahoor and make fast in breaking the Sawm
  2. To make Iftaar with dates or water
  3. To refrain from offensive talk
  4. To give Sadaqah and recite the Glorious Qur’aan as much as possible


It is to set free a Muslim maid slave. If one cannot afford the one should observe Sawm for two months continuously. If not then one should feed sixty poor or give every one 2 kg of the normal food.

Days prohibited to fast

  1. Day of Eidul Fitr
  2. Day of Eidul Adhaa and Days of Tashreeq; 3 days following Eidul Adhaa
  3. Day of doubt and the second half of Sha’baan, except one who has a past
    habit of fasting and these days coincides with his habitual fasting.

Days recommended to fast

  1. Every Monday and Thursday
  2. Thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth of each lunar month
  3. The six days followed by the day of Eidul Fitr
  4. The day of Arafah-9th of Dhul-Hijjah
  5. The day of Ashuraah-10th of Muharram preceded or followed by a day

Sawm on behalf of a dead person
One who dies without making Qadhaa of the Sawm which he has missed, the heirs or close relatives must feed sixty poor or keep fast on his behalf. A person who has got permission from the deceased or his heirs to fast is permitted to fast on behalf of the demised.

Health Tips for Ramadaan

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