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Listings and Services

The Muslim Directory lists all Muslim services in South Africa. If you have something to add or feel something is not listed please contact us.

Muslim Directory
Business Index

A List of shariah compliant businesses which you will find in the Muslim Directory. Categorised from Accommodation to Weddings.

Muslim Directory
Accommodation Guide

Halaal accommodation for all regions in the country which are listed in the Muslim Directory.

Muslim Directory
Restaurants Guide

A list of halaal restaurants around country which are listed in the Muslim Directory

Masajd and Musallahs

Find a place to read Salaah near you.


Find various Muslim organisations around the country.

Educational Institutions

Secular and Islamic educational facilities across the country.

Burial Services

Burial Services for all areas around the country

About The Muslim Directory

The South African Muslim Directory is a book and website ( which makes available the resources accessible to the Muslim community of South Africa or any Muslim travelling through, visiting or even relocating in South Africa. The South African Muslim Directory and Guide is now available in full colour and each section is colour coded making things easier to find. We have update and added over 200 listings in the directory and have also now added the long awaited Accommodation and Restaurant guides. <more>

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Business Ethics Proper business ethics is an Islamic practice
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View the Islamic Calendar Also work out your Islamic Birth Date.
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